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Introducing Forest School Learning & Exploration at Primus Forest School!

, Introducing Forest School Learning & Exploration at Primus Forest School!

A child-centred outdoor experience that promotes holistic learning at Primus Forest School!

A quick search on the internet will give you tons of information about the benefits of outdoor learning for children. While focused education indoors is vital, allowing it to flow seamlessly so it connects with good outdoor learning is the way to go. And when is the best time to expose children to fun hands-on outdoor activities, if not during their developmental years—a time where prime learning is at its peak? Nothing beats getting first-hand immersion, especially one that is guided by educators whose top priority is on giving your kids a safe, positive outdoor experience. Experiences that they would surely benefit from for the rest of their lives!

And with that, we are proud to announce the launch of Primus Forest School! Conveniently located at Phoenix Park Tanglin Road, Primus Forest School gives your children lots of space to explore, including:

  • A wide, dedicated space for a kitchen garden so they would learn how to grow and nurture plants;
  • A grass playground with a flying fox, trampoline, and wooden climbing frame to excite and engage them;
  • An indoor gym to keep them fit and active; and
  • multi-sensory activities to actively engage them, including cooking, outdoor exploration and problem solving, building structures, making tools and observing wildlife.

Open to children aged 18 months to 6 years, the purpose-built environment is specifically designed to complement Primus’s curriculum. At Primus Forest School, children can become adventure-seeking individuals, equipped with a wealth of knowledge at an early age so they can learn to be self-confident and resourceful. They learn necessary survival skills; they learn to create and build; to get creative as they play in the mud and sand; and finally, rely on the power of teamwork.

Here, we expose them to a slew of academic, technical, creative and social skills. And to give you more ideas about how we make it work, here is a snapshot of our holistic programme at Primus Forest School:

  • Language Immersion, focused on English and Mandarin
  • Creative Expression
  • Numeracy & Science
  • Music & Movement
  • Sensory Activities
  • Gross & Fine Motor Activities

The Forest School stays true to Primus’s main goal, which is to put a premium on student-led and inquiry-based education. The potential for growth is massive as a forest school education boosts a child’s confidence, improves their gross motor skills, aids their decision-making and enhances their awareness of everyday risks, so they could learn how to manage them better.

With safety as one of our top priorities, our certified forest school teachers are equipped to guide children’s exploration. We make sure that each of our dedicated staff works together to turn every learning opportunity into an “adventure” that the children would surely remember.

Truly, the benefits of learning outdoors are indispensable. After all, it is not called the “great outdoors” for nothing! So, encourage your children to step back from the virtual world and be one with nature. Turn them into resilient and independent individuals who know and are confident to own their place in society someday.

Experience the best of nature learning at Primus Forest School! Book a tour with us today and see how your children can benefit from the holistic forest school education! Ask us about school fees or check out our school calendar for a window into the dynamic experience White Lodge Phoenix Park provides.

See you!

Address: 310 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park Singapore 247975

Contact: 6235 5310

Operation Hours: 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM

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